Fun Friday

Fun Friday

ages 7 and above

It’s Friday night and time for fun! The Stars & Stripes facility is open for the evening providing kids ages 7 and above an opportunity to get moving, hang with friends and use our multiple athletic areas for activities including warrior obstacles, dodge-ball, 1/2 court basketball, open play and more! The evening will include pizza and beverages for all Fun Friday participants. Send the kids to Stars & Stripes, parents have a night out or an evening of peace! Fun Friday is offered every Friday. Pre registration is required as space is limited.

Every Friday 6:30-9:00pm

Drop in Rate: $25 (one time charge)

Monthly Rate: $67

*Monthly enrollment is continuously billed on the first of every month. Participants may drop at the end of any month to discontinue enrollment and billing. Monthly enrollment is NOT prorated for scheduled facility closings.